Funeral Celebrant

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It is comforting to think that when we come to die, we’d be lucky enough to leave behind family and friends who give us the gift of a unique and dignified ceremonial farewell. Comforting and important for grieving families and friends too, to be proud of the tribute paid to their loved one, as they learn to step into a changed world.


As funeral Celebrants, we create personal funeral ceremonies for families, with their loved one at the very centre. The ceremony can include music, poetry, readings, flowers, and stories; all reflective of the essence of the person who has died.  If a certain ritual aligns with the beliefs and wishes of the deceased and their family, we can include it in the ceremony. For our wedding ceremonies, we lead with ‘your ceremony, your way’ and the very same is applied for our funeral ceremonies, memorial services and advanced funeral planning meetings.


Our job as funeral celebrants is to listen to you and to encourage you to tell stories of your loved one. We then carefully craft a meaningful ceremony and deliver it on the day of the funeral, holding space in a private, respectful and reflective way. We give thanks for the person who has died in this safe and healing ceremony space.

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Who chooses a Celebrant? The Celebrant can be chosen by the family, once the funeral ceremony is arranged. Celebrants may be recommended by Funeral Directors or by staff at the Crematorium.


Why choose a Celebrant? Celebrant led funerals are becoming part of a new way of marking deaths and celebrating lives. A Celebrant may be chosen if the deceased or their family aren’t affiliated with any religious beliefs or traditions. Celebrants are modern, progressive and creative professionals. They bring a unique element to the ceremony and they are a compassionate support for families at a difficult time.


Can funeral ceremonies include prayers or hymns? Absolutely yes. If that is your wish, a prayer or hymn can be included.


What is the cost? The fee for a Funeral Celebrant is €350.


Where does the funeral ceremony take place? The ceremony takes place at the funeral home or at the chapel in the Crematorium. Ceremonies can take place outside or at any suitable quiet space at the behest of the family.


What are memorial services? Memorial services can take place any time after a person has died. Many families were unable to significantly tribute to their loved ones due to restrictions during the pandemic. Memorials can be held at an anniversary or on a loved ones birthday in the venue of choice.


What are advanced funeral planning meetings? In the case of someone wishing to plan with us in advance of their death, we can arrange a consultation with them to discuss their wishes.


My journey to becoming a Funeral Celebrant

I wrote a blog about my journey to becoming a Funeral Celebrant which you can read about here

Those whom we love and lose
Are no longer where they were before
They are now wherever we are

~ St. John Chrysostom