Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony with Coastal Ceremonies

Photo by Jessica & Danilo Photography
Performing Sand Ceremonies with Coastal Ceremonies
Photo by Jessica and Danilo

What is a Sand Ceremony

A Sand Ceremony is a unique way to symbolize two lives becoming one. Special sand vases are used, making this ceremony enhancement perfect for outdoor weddings, or indeed beach weddings. Or if you want to use your own vases or glass bottles, that will work perfectly too.

A sand ceremony represents the coming together of two people or two families into one new family; blending families if you like. When the sand is poured from the individual containers in to one, that sand can never be separated and poured back again into the containers, just like the couples marriage and family – forever combined.

Sand ceremonies are perfect for weddings which take place by the coast and by the sea or by couples who love the sea, or have a special connection or grew up near the sea. If you are interested in having a Sand Ceremony performed by one of our celebrants, please contact us for more information.

What Happens at a Wedding Sand Ceremony?

At a Sand Ceremony, each person typically has some sand collected from their favourite beach. During the sand blending ceremony, they take turns pouring the sand into one clear vessel, forming a layered effect. Coloured sand is often used during this process particularly if kids are involved.   A memorable sand ceremony for us was when a couple chose sand from their two favourite beaches and their kids chose their favourite coloured sand.  All four of them combined the sand in a layered effect, creating the most fabulous keepsake which they planned to place in their living room as a constant reminder of their memorable Irish ceremony.

The unity sand ceremony is popular because it is so visual. The bride and groom can decorate their vases, colour their sand and forever smile at the unique blend that serves as a symbol of their love. The beautifully blended sand vase can be kept forever representing the couples’ unity and the inseparable nature of their bond.

Top Tip:  If you have collected sand from your favourite beach, make sure the sand is dry by the time of your wedding ceremony.  We had a very funny incident when we tried to encourage the wet sand out of the vase!  The show will always go on, even if the sand isn’t cooperating!

Unity Sand Ceremony

This type of ceremony enhancement is quite like the unity candle ceremony; the latter perhaps a better bet for indoors. Couples will often dry the sand before the ceremony, some purchasing sand ceremony kits. The sand ceremony is typically included before the rings and vows are exchanged, and it serves as a beautiful ritual as wedding guests can enjoy seeing the couple symbolically join their lives together as one.


Our favourite part of a family sand ceremony wording is the celebration that ‘Each grain of sand brings to the mixture a lasting beauty that forever enriches the combination’, that ‘When the sands are blended together, they represent an entirely new and extraordinary love relationship’.

Traditional Sand Ceremonies with Coastal Ceremonies

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