We are planting trees for you!

For every ceremony booked with Coastal Ceremonies we are pledging a tree at the Hometree site in Ennistymon, Co. Clare. The trees will live out their natural life and each couple can visit the site and even participate in volunteering days twice per month.

The beauty, wisdom, service and significance of trees, in all their encouraging glory, has long been lauded. As trees grow, they help absorb and sink the carbon that would otherwise contribute to global heating. While releasing oxygen, trees purify the air.
We have a whole lot to thank them for. Forests house immense, irreplaceable biodiversity, helping to save water because of the shade they provide.

‘You’re the keeper of the flame,
In a time where so much is at stake,
And I wish you well,
Pure hearted Oak’
(Richard Hawley)


Trees have long been associated with calmness, growth, patience and transition, representing life, relationships, love and death. Trees are strong. In his poem Advice From a Tree, Ilan Shamir encourages the reader to ‘stand tall and proud’, to ‘sink your roots deeply into the Earth’, to ‘think long term’, to ‘go out on a limb’ and to ‘enjoy the view’. We can learn a lot from trees, that is for sure.

Symbolism of Planting Trees

Planting a tree to celebrate a new marriage is an ancient unity ceremony recognized in many cultures throughout the world. It represents a relationship taking root, growing and flourishing, as the couple officially become a family. Just as the tree exudes strength, vitality and flexibility, the wish for the marriage is the very same. The hope is that it will be able to weather the roughest of storms.

Hometree Charity

Hometree in Ennistymon is a tree planting charity that took root (sorry) in 2015. Since then, they have planted over 30,000 pioneer trees like scots pine, willow and alder. Hometree’s work is to establish and conserve permanent native woodland in Ireland, encouraging land regeneration and biodiversity through afforestation, restoration and education.

Coastal Ceremonies Pledge

Coastal Ceremonies are pledging a tree for each ceremony that is booked with us. After plantation at the Hometree site, the trees will live out their natural life supporting a regenerative ecosystem and each couple can visit the site and even participate in volunteering days twice per month.

We have started already!

Hometree Charity

To celebrate this  partnership we pledged trees for each wedding, vow renewal and baby naming ceremony we officiated since 2021 and have pledged over 250 trees so far.  We get to support this gifting back to nature as our lovely couples say ‘I do’ or “I do again” and we even get to participate in the planting of the trees on an upcoming volunteer day with Hometree, as ‘from little acorns, grow the mighty Oaks’. You might just meet us there with our ‘arms raised open wide, singing to the skies’ [Richard Hawley, Heart of Oak]

More Information

For more information on Hometree Charity and if you want to get involved in the Volunteering days click here