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At Coastal Ceremonies we can work with you to plan your perfect wedding ceremony which is personalised, meaningful and memorable. Our role as accredited wedding celebrants is to ensure your ceremony reflects you both as a couple, reflecting your own beliefs, personality and style.
Coastal Ceremonies can officiate at non religious, semi-religious or mixed faith ceremonies and include any cultural additions or traditions that are meaningful to you both. Our symbolic ceremonies include a warm welcome to you and your guests, your story and journey as a couple, readings which may include favourite poems or song lyrics, vow and ring exchange and ceremony enhancements. We have experience performing many ceremony enhancements such as hand fasting, unity candle ceremonies and sand ceremonies which add a unique and unforgettable element to your ceremony. Coastal Ceremonies can provide advice, suggestions and resources and will write the full ceremony from start to finish for you both with your input.

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Hand Fasting

Hand Fasting dates back to ancient Celtic times, and is where we get the expression “Tying the knot”. It is one of the oldest forms of marriage under Brehon Law and dates back beyond 7,000 BC. It is becoming increasingly popular and we usually perform handfasting ceremonies after the vows and rings are exchanged. We can use chord or coloured ribbon and there are many ways we can perform this lovely ceremony enhancement by incorporating many different coloured ribbon, each colour representing a gift bestowed upon the marriage, or by including children or guests to present the ribbons used. The ties represent the bind of the vows made and the knot represents that which, like a good marriage, strengthens under pressure.

Sand Ceremony

A Sand Ceremony is a unique way to symbolize two lives becoming one and is also a great way to incorporate children or family into the wedding. A sand ceremony represents the coming together of two people or two families into one new family. It is a very simple idea that can be incredibly powerful. Typically, each person has different sand collected from their favourite beaches or different coloured sand and take turns pouring it into one clear vessel, forming a layered effect. Sometimes just the couple participates, and sometimes the couple’s children join in with their own sand.

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The advantage of the sand ceremony is that there is a lasting memento to display in your home. Sand is also a better choice for an outdoor wedding since wind is less of a concern than it is with a candle. Being beside the coast, sand is also readily available from numerous fabulous beaches! The sand ceremony is typically performed after the rings and vows are exchanged.

Unity Candle Ceremony

A Unity Candle Ceremony is a very popular enhancement to a wedding ceremony. It can be included at any point of the ceremony. A Unity Candle set consists of two slender candles (called tapers) and a large center candle. They are usually white candles. Typically two close family representatives light the outer candles at the beginning of the ceremony. The two outer candles represents the couples individual lives before the wedding ceremony including their families and life experiences. Lighting the center candle symbolizes the union of two individuals, becoming one in commitment.


Wishing Stones/ Wishing Trees

If you are having a small number of guests at your ceremony, the Wishing Stone ceremony enhancement is a really lovely way to include your guests. The ritual of the Wishing Stones is a wonderful way to include everyone in your wedding ceremony. When guests arrive at the ceremony, they are given a Wishing Stone along with a permanent, fine-tipped marker to write their wish for you directly on the stone or a small note to write their wish for you on it. They then place the stones and note in to a jar which the couple will have forever and can often dip in and out to look at the wishes their guests bestowed on them. It’s also a really nice idea for a baby naming ceremony and something similar to a wishing tree where notes and wishes for the baby are pinned to a tree, or placed in a keepsake box for the child to open when they are 18.


Wine Box Time Capsule

This is a really unique ceremony enhancement to include at the end of your ceremony. A few weeks before your big day, you both write a letter to each other in private. You can include anything in your letter; your hopes and dreams for the future, the reasons you fell in love, funny or memorable stories of your time together up to now. Bring your letters on the day along with your favourite bottle of wine and place them in a box during the ceremony. The wine box should be opened on your 5 year anniversary where you will read each other’s letters while enjoying a glass of wine. However, if your marriage hits a stumbling box and you need to be reminded of your love for one another, open it some evening and all the reasons you are together will come back to you and it will remind you of the commitment you made to each other through good times and bad.


The Rose Ceremony

The couple exchange two roses, symbolizing the giving and receiving of their love for each other throughout their married life.

This ceremony enhancement brings a touch of elegance, romance and beauty. The Rose is seen as a universal symbol of love, of life, and of forgiveness.


Jumping the Broom

Jumping the broom is a ceremony in which the couple leap into a new life together, symbolically ‘sweeping away’ their former single lives, problems and concerns. This ritual celebrates rich, cultural heritage. It is significant as it represents strength, love, togetherness, loyalty and respect. Some couples invite their guests to tie ribbons to their broom to bestow good wishes to the couple, before the couple ‘jump the broom’.


Tree Planting

The planting of a tree as a ceremony enhancement is especially significant as it serves as a visual symbol of the growth of your relationship. As the tree grows, so too does your love.

A beautiful message shines through with this enhancement, for just as the tree needs to be nurtured to keep it alive, so too does your love.

This ceremony enhancement works well with the poem by Ilan Shamir, Advice From a Tree.




“Seek nourishment from the good things in life,

Simple pleasures,

Earth, fresh air, light….

Drink plenty of water

Let your limbs sway and dance in the breeze

Be flexible

Remember your roots

Enjoy the view”

At Coastal Ceremonies, we would love to chat about your ceremony and work with you to make it personal, memorable and meaningful.

Your Ceremony, Your Way.

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.”

~ Arrigo Boito