Baby Naming Celebration

An occasion to welcome your child into your lives. A celebration to introduce your baby to your family, relatives and friends. A party to declare your love and wishes to and for your little one, to everyone.

Baby Naming Ceremonies are alternative gatherings, marking the arrival of your beautiful baby. The Naming Day is intimate and informal, a time where your child is heralded and promises are both felt and made. It is the Celebrant who writes the script and who performs the ceremony. What makes it unique is the input from the parents; from the choice of venue, to lyrics and music; from readings and poems, to ceremony enhancements.

Wishes and pledges may be declared aloud for the baby, or indeed written and decoratively pinned to a ‘wishing tree’. A ‘time capsule’ may also be made, including some pictures of the baby, a note from Dad or from Granny, tiny painted hand or foot prints or perhaps some newspaper clippings from the day the baby was born.

Naming Ceremonies are full of love and excitement. With no specific formula, they really can encompass whatever it is you wish. Older siblings can get involved and the whole family can create something unique and meaningful together.

This day for your baby is emotional and memorable, special and personal. This occasion is but the beginning of what hopes to be a life of adventure and celebration for your tiny living miracle. It is true that every child is someone’s whole world. Now that is worth celebrating.

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