Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality

“We are a generous, compassionate, bold and joyful people who say yes to inclusion, yes to generosity, yes to love ……”

-Enda Kenny


The country said yes to marriage equality. The question was proposed and Ireland said yes. An overwhelming yes, confirming a changed future. The union of two people, together, in love.

Coastal Ceremonies are in support of equality, proposals, change, unions and above all, love.  It has been emotional and triumphant to perform marriages around Ireland, with couples supported by their families, friends and communities in celebrating their love. There’s a unique freedom in the ceremony script, mirroring the freedom of same sex love in the country.

Like each couple, the ceremony is personal and full of flavour. And like the Yes!, it is emotional and uplifting, the result, a happy surprise.

How exciting to feel part of a sort of social revolution, to play the role of Celebrant in officiating the weddings, to script ceremonies that are distinct to each couple, verses that center around them, music and readings that showcase their love.

Coastal ceremonies can officiate at your ceremony in your choice of location. Say ‘I do’ on the Cliffs of Moher, renew your vows on a breathtaking beach, welcome your baby to the world in your favourite venue in Clare, hold your commitment ceremony in the grounds of a castle. The choice is yours.

Let’s celebrate equality together; let’s celebrate proposals and beautiful unions. Let’s celebrate. Your Ceremony, Your Way.


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