Taking the Leap………Become a Celebrant!

Taking the Leap………Become a Celebrant!

“Taking the Leap”.

Covid 19 arrived last year and turned our lives upside down.  It has really forced us to evaluate everything; how we live, our health and our future.   It has also given some of us unexpected time to explore different career options.  Do you love working with people? Do you enjoy public speaking?   Are you looking for a career change or something to do part time? Do you love romance, weddings, fun?  Have you ever considered becoming a celebrant?

“Why I love my job”


It is not often you can really say that you love your job.  Hand on heart, I absolutely love mine. I love meeting couples to plan their ceremonies, I love hearing the best and funniest engagement stories, I love telling stories and I love family celebrations so therefore I really have my dream job.  To be part of someone’s special day and helping couple’s create lasting memories is an honour and to see couples saying “I do” at the end of the ceremony is literally the “icing on the cake”.

I really love when people contact me asking why I decided to be a celebrant and how I went about becoming a celebrant.   If you had told me 8 years ago I would be living in Ennis, working as a celebrant with my own company I would have laughed (in excitement at the prospect :)). It’s been such a fun few years (let’s not discuss the pandemic!), training to be a celebrant, setting up Coastal Ceremonies, officiating ceremonies for the most fabulous people and working with a fun, creative team and amazing wedding planners and suppliers.


“How I became a celebrant”

I was at a cousin’s celebrant led wedding ceremony when another cousin turned to me and suggested I should look in to becoming a celebrant.  After 15 years working in HR, I have always loved working with people so it seemed like a potentially great role.  I also have always loved weddings, having attended my first wedding at the age of 6 and many more since.  So I explored all of the options and decided I wanted to become an Independent Celebrant.  I am part of the Irish Ethical Celebrant Society and The Celebrants Collective.  They are invaluable support networks and it is great to have such a supportive community of fabulous celebrants who are always available for advice, insights and tips.

“I want to be a celebrant”

If you are considering becoming a celebrant, the first steps are to explore all of the options.  When I started training, I wrote the following blog about all of the different celebrant options which may help.

Talk to other celebrants.  Ask about their journey, their tips, advice.  It’s great to understand the realities of becoming a celebrant.  It is not just “30 minutes on the day”.  So much work goes in to each ceremony so having the full picture before you start is crucial.


My training was invaluable and if you are interested in becoming an independent celebrant, I would highly recommend                      The Celebrants Collective Celebrant Training courseNatasha and Claire are experienced celebrants and celebrant educators and the training is really  progressive, flexible, modern and fun. They provide the whole celebrant journey from training to career development and the training is flexible with trainees able to start their training whenever they like, and go at their own pace. And it’s online!   If you ever had “becoming a celebrant” in the back of your mind, and think it is a role you might consider (I love it so much), have a look at the Celebrants Collective Training course which you can access here.  You won’t ever regret taking the leap.

If you would ever like to chat to me about being a celebrant and what it is all about, please get in touch at info@coastalceremonies.ie.  I would love to chat.


“As an official Celebrants Collective Ambassador who wholeheartedly supports their training ethos, values and standards, for any course sign ups made directly from my promotion, I will receive a small commission from the Celebrants Collective, at no extra cost to you.”