What a year 2018 has been…….

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What a year 2018 has been…….

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year” Ralph Waldo Emerson


It sure is Ralph. And Coastal Ceremonies have had a truly wonderful twelve months. From the Angler’s Rest in Dublin last December through to Hotel Doolin on Winter Solstice day, December 21st 2018, and more than twenty ceremonies in between; we have sincerely loved all of the celebrating.

While we haven’t quite ‘been to Nice and the Isle of Greece’, we have explored this breath-taking County of Clare, travelling once in a while to some hidden gems of the Emerald Isle. We have laughed. A lot. We call one another after every ceremony and love the ‘ceremony de-briefs’. From the couple who used caving ropes for their Handfasting, to the couple who cracked open the bottle of red wine in the middle of their Wine Box/Love Letter ceremony; we’ve really enjoyed the shared stories. The ten-years-married-couple who renewed their vows in among the base foundation of their house-to-be, cemented what we’re all about.

If we are the builders, then you are the designers, and together we scaffold and craft the perfect sculpture, unique only to you. It really is Your Ceremony, Your Way.


Our first year in business as Celebrants has seen us perform outdoor ceremonies at Loop Head in Kilkee and Guerin’s Path on The Cliffs of Moher, not to mention overlooking Newhall Lake at a family garden wedding in Ballyea. The Farmhouse in Barefield was an intimate location for a small ceremony of an American couple, where the Bride’s father had regularly visited as a child. A tree had been planted there in his memory and John O’ Donohue’s reading offered a fitting tribute for the sentimental occasion.

We’ve toasted couples at Dromoland Castle, the Armada Hotel, Beaufield Mews and the Chocolate Factory in Dublin, the Radisson Blu in Limerick, Whyte’s Hotel in Waterford and the Lakeside Hotel in Killalloe. We’ve celebrated through beautiful music, personal readings, funny stories, family involvement, meaningful enhancements, could-hear-a-pin-drop vow exchanges and forever memories. I think we have enjoyed ‘one hundred percent crying-with-emotion’ success from the guests too. So, if you’d like to make Uncle Donal well up, you know where to go!

We enjoyed meeting the bride who wished to include almost every ceremony enhancement that she ever heard about. That was some 300 guests for the ring warming alone! Whilst our motto is ‘Your Ceremony, Your Way’, her enthusiasm was beautiful and together we chose her favourite enhancements and the result was perfect.  We smiled at the Groom who mixed up his words during the vows and promised his betrothed to honour her with love and ‘demotion’! And we really laughed at the Celebrant who knocked on the door of the venue, with the intention of changing into An Guna Deas, only to be met by the entire Bridal entourage, all half- dressed and also using the house as a changing room!

We have celebrated at surprise vow renewals, baby namings written in the stars, going happily from ceremony to ceremony. We’ve written and typed, called and skyped. We’ve instagrammed and tweeted, facebooked and phoned. We are thankfully busy, more experienced, regularly planning our next and neat ideas and we are, of course, always eager to meet more couples, their families and their friends. We are buoyed by ‘the wedding crew’; the generous photographers, videographers, florists, wedding coordinators, harpists and event planners with whom we have had the pleasure to work alongside.

Our own friends and families have become our chief cheerleaders! They’ve sewed our handfasting ribbons, printed out our ceremonies, traded our business cards, painted our nails and talked us up. Thank you all.

And so “The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.

We can help write that story”.

And we would love to.

Here’s to 2019.

Clara and Orla xx